Career Opportunities

Do you want to contribute to Singapore's food security and improve access to food in urban cities? Then join the Archians full-time or as an intern. At Archisen, our vision is to provide everyone with the freshest, most nutritious and flavourful produce at an affordable price via IoT, automation and data analytics. To achieve this, we need talented, bright, and driven people. Archisen is continuously evolving and is a place where motivated employees thrive, and where employee ownership and accountability lead to meaningful results.

Our Departments

Farm Engineering

As a member of the engineering team, you will collaborate with engineers and scientists to develop systems that will revolutionise agriculture. Your tasks entail designing, evaluating, and integrating automation solutions into current innovative systems to automate various farm operations.

This role gives you the opportunity to improve processes, integrate new systems and project management. This position also involves developing a novel farming system that integrates collaborative systems to improve operational efficiency and farm performance.

Business Development

Join the team in building the Archisen brand and drive awareness and demand in Singapore and the region. You will work closely with the crop scientists and farm engineers to learn about our farm architecture and lead consumer demand efforts.

This will include developing sales and marketing plans, campaigns, strategies, budgeting, social media and materials for new and existing product initiatives. The role also entails analysing and understanding consumer, market and competitor information to better understand and inform our go to market efforts.

Crop Science

As a member of the crop science team, you will play a critical role in keeping crops healthy and productive, determining how environmental conditions can be optimised to maximise plant yield and quality.

Your tasks will be to conduct literature review, design and implement experiments, collect and analyse data to constantly challenge assumptions and push the limits of current performance. It is important that you work well with a team and are comfortable working closely with farm engineers, farm managers and business development executives.

Software Engineering

As a member of the software team, you will work with crop scientists and farm managers to design and develop a software to monitor, analyze and manage crops.

You will help build a data acquisition system and AI system to predict and achieve maximum crop yields. The software will also assist in managing daily farm operations to ensure that tasks are run smoothly and incidents are resolved efficiently.

Business Administration

As a member of the administration team, you will work directly with the founders and management of the company on processes relating to administration, accounts, finance and human resources. This role also entails designing and developing systems and processes to enable a well-functioning and efficient workforce.

This will include developing sales and marketing plans, campaigns, strategies, budgeting, social media and materials for new and existing product initiatives. The role also entails analysing and understanding consumer, market and competitor information to better understand and inform our go to market efforts.

What our Archians says

Customer Testimonails

Working at Archisen has been an enjoyable experience. The working culture is open for ideas and innovations, and the colleagues are wonderful teammates. And here, opportunities to transform ideas into reality through engineering and design are one of the greatest satisfactions that an engineer could have. Although it's a small size company now, the team has big dreams and everyone works together towards it.

Rao Yongliang, Farm Engineer
Customer Testimonails

I truly enjoyed working at Archisen. It has provided me with an unequitable experience. Working in an environment that provides constructive feedback is a welcomed change as it allows me to grow as both a Software Engineer and as a person. Also, being given the opportunity to experiment and implement my vision to help the company is also a fulfilling experience.

Muhammad Syafiq, Software Engineer

Internship Programmes


We have internship positions open to all students interested in spending approximately 4-6 months with us. Our previous interns came from a myriad of educational backgrounds, ranging from local universities to polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

If you are interested in joining us, do submit your internship application through your school's career platform. For self-sourced internships, you can drop us an email to with your CV and cover letter. Please indicate your available start date and the department you wish to intern under in your cover letter.

Customer Testimonails

My experience at Archisen was very fulfilling and I got the chance to experience a lot more than what I expected for an accounting internship. I chose to be more involved in the marketing team and contributed by doing photography and video editing as well. I also managed to use accounting software to generate delivery notes and to send invoices to respective customers. Aside from this, I learned how the farm operates, our products, and many new things relating to crop science. I personally feel very satisfied, like I achieved everything I aimed to learn during my internship.

​Hannah Nadya, Business Administration Intern Accounting Undergraduate, ITE College Central
Customer Testimonails

Every single member of the team is very friendly and approachable, be it a fellow intern, a senior scientist or even one of the co-founders. There is no compromise on the quality of work either, as everyone is driven and focused on the task at hand.

​Ong Siew Woon, Farm Engineer Intern Electrical Engineering Undergraduate, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore
Customer Testimonails

At Archisen, I assisted the crop science team where we performed R&D on crops to create and optimize crop recipes for large scale farm operations. I was also given the opportunity to be a part of the farm operations and production as a food technologist, sourcing for packaging equipment and coming up with basic documentation for the quality assurance of the produce. Through my experiences, I have a better understanding of crops as food ingredients which will be useful to me as Singapore puts more emphasis on the farm-to-fork principle as we approach 2030.

​Giorgios Tong, Food Technologist Intern Food technology Undergraduate, Singapore Institute of Technology
Customer Testimonails

My internship at Archisen has truly been an eye opening experience for me. It has offered me many opportunities to learn about disciplines outside my field of study as well as ample chances to better my application of my Food Science knowledge on real world industrial problems. It was a joy to work with people who are passionate about what they are doing as my superiors and I have grown a lot from my time in the company.

Hannah Koong, Food Technologist Intern Food Science and Technology Diploma Undergraduate, Singapore Polytechnic​