狮城有约 | 食在前沿:高科技农业

Archisen is featured in Channel 8's video explaining how we contribute to achieving Singapore's "30by30" goal. With a projected yield of up to 100 tonnes of vegetables a year, Archisen's farm is one of the highest yielding indoor farms in Singapore, contributing about 1% of our current national yield. In the next few years, Archisen will be building alot more farms and cultivating more talents from our local workforce. By consistently increasing our capacity and production of food through Just Produce and Just Harvest, Archisen is committed to contributing to the agri-food industry, and to work hand-in-hand with the government to increase food security in Singapore.

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狮城时事 | 化学博士致力发展高科技农业 本地有望自产葡萄

We are excited to share Archisen’s coverage via Mediacorp’s Youth and Sustainability series. Our Senior Crop Scientist Jia Hui explains our sustainability efforts through research and innovation to improve production efficiency, among others. Read more to learn about our research and development activities.

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