Budding Food Technologists Help Improve Production Output

Supporting local educational institutions in applied learning is something we deem indispensable in our industry. As an up and coming industry to revolutionise our food supply, working with institutions provides us with just the right opportunity to interest the younger generation with what we do.

Final year student in Singapore Institute of Technology, Cheryl, had worked with us on her IWSP project in improving Nai Bai growth rates. These partnerships have enabled us to provide students with guidance and the freedom to explore creative solutions in their course of work. If being challenged with real working world problems is what you’re looking for, feel free to connect with us.

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Archisen on Talking Point

How does the nutritional value of imported fresh produce differ from those that are locally grown? In this episode of Talking Point, these differences are being explored in greater detail as Singapore continues working towards the 30 by 30 initiative.

We were invited on this program to share more about how we’re able to make our greens a fun and attractive avenue towards a healthy lifestyle. Along with all local farmers, we remain committed towards providing consumers with an avenue to fresh produce with higher nutritional density and longer shelf life than imported produce.

Watch the video in the link below for the sharing by our Senior Crop Scientist, Dr. Jia Hui Lim, PhD!

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