Singapore cultivates 'Silicon Valley of food' in a hungry Asia

The Little Red Dot is now an acclaimed, fast-growing ecosystem for food technology and development, housing exciting developments in alternative proteins, lab-grown meat and urban farming. Alongside prominent alternative protein makers like Eat Just and Shiok Meats, Archisen is also playing its part in this big move towards self-sustenance with high-yield indoor farming technology. Yet amid the tech— sensors, crop recipes, hydroponics— there are new industry questions of capital costs, technical expertise and consumer acceptance to ponder.

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Be-leaf It: This Duo And Their Sustainable Farming Solution

The road to food security and sustainability has just started for Singapore. With this journey comes a fair share of challenges, breakthroughs and good stories to tell! Learn about the little tidbits behind how Archisen has been moulded to this day with a commentary by Vincent and Sven, our co-founders.

From creating a compelling value proposition for investors, to how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected business for the start-up, all the way to how our unique produce can complement local flavours.

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