Freshest vegetables you can get with high tech vertical farming

Archisen’s flagship brand, Just Produce, is glad to be featured on Yahoo Food SEA! Just Produce provides consumers with a large variety of fresh, nutritious and flavourful vegetables direct from the farm.

In the video, you can find an insightful sharing of our sustainable and high-tech solutions explained by our Farm Manager, Zhiheng Kwek. Not to mention, Singaporean celebrity chef, Chef Bob, whips up ingenious and mouth-watering salad recipes using our freshly harvested ingredients, proving that salads can be far from boring!

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Archisen on The Brand Called You

Multifaceted solutions are no stranger to us. These are our answers to the needs of the Agritech sector. Our flagship brand, Just Produce, provides consumers with fresh produce direct from the farm. Cropdom, our turnkey solution, provides you with the expertise and resources you need to run your own urban farm. Our farm to fork solution, Just Harvest, is highly deployable to retail arms with the freshest produce.

Urban Farming has become one of the more adopted methods of farming taken by cities in recent years to combat climate change and enhance food security through higher yields generated per square foot of land use.

Click the link below to hear our founder, Vincent Wei, share more about urban farming.

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