Just Produce is Archisen's flagship brand that provides the freshest, most nutritious and flavourful produce, just as it is, and just for you. Currently, Just Produce carries a variety of salads and specialty herbs.

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Cropdom is Archisen's turn-key urban farm solution which consist of farm design, market analysis, crop selection, sale of produce, obtaining regulatory approvals as well as financial modelling. It is powered by our proprietary software, Croptron.

Croptron is Archisen’s smart urban operating system that uses sensors, IoT technology and data analytics to improve farm management processes and crop yields. Currently, Croptron™️ is only available for Cropdom’s farms.

Just® Harvest

Just Harvest is Archisen's unique farm-to-table solution that provides retail storefronts with the freshest, house-grown plants. With our farm-to-table solution, you can simply harvest the plants fresh and serve them to your customers, all within the day.

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